Restricted access administrative office prototype project

Along with our partners, SafeHouse is commencing research with the goal of developing an innovative system of readers working under the control of a software suite for the restricted access administrative office prototype.

As part of this project we are developing a system of marking both paper records and electronic data media with RFID tags (radio frequency identifying devices), as well as a suite of appropriate reading devices based on the latest advancements in RFID technology. The methods of managing the restricted access office adjusted to the capabilities of this suite will allow creating, sending, processing and managing the data flow on varied levels of sensitivity.

Projekt prototypu kancelarii tajnej

Gradually, this system will allow substitution in place of the traditional systems of sensitive data flow, which is currently executed in cumbersome paper hardcopy. In this place, a modern approach to exchange of digital or digitized data will be instituted, with simultaneous certainty of confidentiality, incontrovertibility and accountability. 

The implementation of our system will permit reaching new levels of work quality for administrative units responsible for process execution and effectiveness measurements, as well as introduction of further improvements based on thus collected data.

This project is being funded by the National Centre for Research and Development, an agency of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, one of the larger centres of support for innovation in Poland.