Comprehensive services for the medical industry

SafeHouse is a company of highly qualified cadre with years of archive experience. Our professionalism and the quality of our services are on par with the most renowned competition. We have successfully concluded the process of archiving the full inventory of the Centre for Medical Examination in Łódź. The Karol Jonscher 3rd City Hospital in Łódź, the Regional Centre for Pulmonary Disease Treatment and Rehabilitation in Łagiewniki and over a dozen of clinics all over the country are already partaking in the full spectrum of our services.

We provide our customers with:

  • professional support in regard to storage and archiving of paperwork and digitalized documentation
  • training in storage and archiving of paperwork and digitalized documents
  • training in document workflow within administrative units and archives
  • setting up new company archives
  • organizing existing company archives
  • executing DIN 32757 compliant destruction of outdated records

Our archive storage space is modern and professionally safeguarded from factors harmful or disruptive to the documents. It is placed outside of urban centres, far from industrial sites and in sparsely populated areas. Owing to this, the items are stored in most suitable conditions.

To raise the effectiveness of archive management, we create administrative-archive norms in compliance with Polish legal regulations. Our employees are experienced and professionally qualified archivists, always up-to-date with relevant law and regulations. They have gained their experience in various government and company archives.