Archive terms glossary

Record cleanup and sorting - a procedure where records are placed within folders, tagged, appropriately sorted, a registry of the records is created and the records are technologically secured.

Administrative regulation - a set of legal regulations governing the rules and manner of executing administrative actions, as well as processing records until they are placed within the company archive or record depository.

Archive regulation - a set of legal regulations governing the goals and tasks of a company archive or record depository.

Company archive, record depository - an internal unit within the company where archive records are stored.

Hardcopy records - a collection of all kinds of documents created by the activities of a natural person or a legal entity, recorded by varied means on paper (handwritten, typed, computer-printed, as well as maps, photos and recordings).

Digital records - a collection of data sorted within an internal structure and recorded on a data carrier.

Non-archive records - non-permanent, practical records of their author, subject to weeding after the legally required storage period.

Temporary records - records which lose their practical meaning after full use and is directly transferred to waste by the author.