Organizing of company archives

The records that are created in the company or received from cooperating companies are meant to enable the company to function efficiently. For that effect, these need to be appropriately stored, so they may be expeditiously accessed and secured accordingly to their status. To achieve that, companies create their own storages, libraries or archives, often ad hoc, which unfortunately do not function correctly most of the time. Aside for that, every administrative unit creates documents of varied usage, which require proper storage and security to ensure safeguarding the best interest of both the company, as well as the company’s customers and employees (e.g. by protecting their personal identifying data).

To meet your requirements, we offer our assistance in resolving such issues by organizing an archive at your company headquarters. We determine the appropriate room type, security criteria, storage criteria (humidity, temperature), required equipment (shelves and their placement), the manner of storage (boxes, archi-boxes, binders), as well as the rules governing registering, placing, sorting and weeding records within the archive.