Managing digital records

The more and more ubiquitous digital records also require proper management procedures. Such records need to be separated into two groups. The first one would consist of digital documents, as understood by the Ustawa o podpisie elektronicznym (September 18th 2001, with further amendments) legal act, which has brought the usage of computers to create such documents. Along with the digital document, also digital correspondence has emerged, flooding our data media. As any group of documents, it also is appropriately categorized. The second group of digital records are the hardcopy documents that have been digitized. 

We suggest arranging appropriate management structures for all the digital records created by your company. We will professionally secure those records on our servers, labelling it accordingly, storing it securely for the determined amount of time (depending on the record category) and weeding it as per archive regulations, just as we would have done with hardcopy paperwork. The most important aspect of this process is the creation of backups, secured on media different than the main server. We secure the backup copies to the same standard as we do with traditional hardcopy records.

You can review and use your stored records at any time and place, thanks to the online services we provide.