Development of administrative and archive norms

All companies rely on good flow of documentation to function properly. The fact that the documents first reach appropriate administrative units, that replies are given in due time, that the records are assigned appropriate categories as per importance and archive worth is decided by your company, when you create administrative and archive instructions and establish archive categories.

As soo as they are created, the documents already gain archive status. Most financial records require five years of storage since the end of the fiscal year, however all salary and HR records must be stored for 50 years. Copies, attempts at record creation, temporary (BC class) records, records placed with your company without such requirement - all those can be instantly destroyed. This goes for both the paper hardcopies and the digital data carriers.

The destruction of such records should however be executed by the means required by regulation such as "Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych". We provide you with assistance while your company is establishing appropriate norms and guidelines, which will ensure smoother workflow, as well as security. In accordance with all the laws and regulations and with each administrative units unique features in mind, we will provide you with necessary guidelines for your approval. Only then such an internal regulation comes to life.

Existence of such internal regulations proves indispensable when the company wishes to be granted the ISO norms (e.g. the management ISO 9001-2000 or others).