Destruction of outdated records

Because of the common lack of awareness of the multitude of existing regulations, many companies do not realize the importance of information and the dangers third-party access to it carries. Often, even though trade or service secret safety is ensured, other documentation is treated lightly.

The lack of awareness of law does not remove culpability. Involuntary release of personal data is not only a sure way to get sued but also very bad publicity that will be very quickly broadcast by the media, for example by the means of a story of a pile of data-heavy records found in a dump and the losses incured by this incident. Mere information about the company, the customers or secrets is not only danger to the prolonged existence of the company, but also a threat of great sanction for losses incurred on the customers.

"SafeHouse" ensures professional and complex procedures for record destruction (any and all hardcopy paperwork, as well as any data carriers) in accordance to Polish law /link/. Our services are a warranty of security for your company and your peace of mind.

Niszczenie dokumentów

By choosing our services, your company:

  • ensures the safety of all data and information of both your company and your customers.
  • is released from the constant doubt on whether this or that document can be tossed into the bin or should be destroyed.
  • has lower costs of record destruction, as there is no need for a specialized in-house position or equipment, while at the same time ensures no regulations are broken when the documents are destroyed (tossing or burning the documents is against the law).
  • is sure that it operates within the guidelines of the law and no data leaks will occur, even through involuntary access.

To ensure our services are best suited to your needs, we provide them in two ways:

Destruction of non-archive (outdated) records, preceded by weeding out the documents for which the mandatory storage period has passed. Those weeded out documents are removed from the archive and the record weeding minutes are prepared.

The non-archive records are destroyed based on the permit given by the national archive to your company or we precede the destruction by obtaining such a permit for your company.

To execute the destruction we take over the records in a previously agreed manner (appropriate packaging, security for the period of transport and sealing where necessary) and transport them to our facilities where physical destruction of records occurs. The process is video registered and a copy of the recording is delivered alongside the destruction process minutes. If this is required or requested by your company, your employees may participate in the process as observers, which also will be reflected in the minutes and the recording.

The destruction of records is executed on an "HSM" machine, which alongside baling ensures that the 3rd tier of confidentiality as per the DIN 32727 norm is retained. As a further means of security, all the resulting waste is delivered to the paper factory by our own transport.

Destruction of temporary (auxilliary, short-term, reduntant or incorrectly addressed) records.


To destroy current reduntant records, we offer to pick the records up from your company in special containers. The means and dates of pick ups are agreed upon in the contract, as per your needs and requirements (per volume, quantity, security methods, etc.). If previously agreed upon, "on call" pickups may also be executed. The containers are transported back to your facilities and the destruction process is executed as per contract. The process may be video registered and a copy of the proceedings delivered to you with the process minutes.